A Comparison Essay Of 3G And 4G Cellular Data Networks Research Paper

There are a number of cellular data technologies that comprise the 3rd and 4th generation networks. The 4g networks is advancement to the 3G networks, with a number of added capabilities for optimum functioning. The 4G networks has added speed which is approximated to be ten times faster when compared to that of the 3G networks. In actual sense, the 4G network has a downstream speed of around 10 to 20mbps.This is quite an advancement when compared to the 3G networks which is comprised of downloads speeds of approximately 2mbps. In spite of the difference illustrated, the 3G networks are still the most preferable option to many people. This is can actually be brought into a better understanding by looking at the specific features and benefits that comprise each of the networks.
The 3G networks function as both circuit-switched and packet-switched.the technology used makes it easier for the provision of wireless voice telephone, internet access using mobile phones, mobile TV functionalities and video calls. The chief technologies that this network uses are WCDMA, HSSPA, CDMA, GSM and GAN in some cases (Han & Ray Liu, 2004, p.24).

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