A Rebuttal to the Significance of Education Essay

This essay is a rebuttal to an article by Preserve Articles, which highlights on the importance of education in today’s modern societies. According to the article, education has been an agenda of interest among philosophers for a long time in history, who emphasize that its main objective has been the completion of the socialization process in every human being. The family introduces the child to the world on birth, but institutions orient children into responsible adults by incorporating aspects such as morals, skills and knowledge into these persons.
Apparently, this is not entirely the case from a realistic perspective. The world as we know it today comprises of different nations that depict different economies, living standards, ethnic groups, resources and populations. These differences have been as a result of complex human activities during the course of history. In any nation, a notable system of social classes is evident; we have the high-class persons who live luxurious lives, the middle class and the low class. Differences in social standards can be caused by many reasons; in this case, we focus on education as a divider in society rather than a unifier.

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