Abortion Controversial Essay

Abortion has been a greatly controversial issue in the society today since it is surrounded by both legal and moral arguments. It is difficult to establish whether a woman has the right to choose the fate of the embryo or the embryo deserves a right to life. It is essential to realize that abortion law varies greatly among jurisdictions where some countries permit abortion without any legal restrictions. I would argue that some countries allow abortion partially since in some instances, abortion can be performed to save a woman’s life if considered at impending risk. Historically abortion was only considered a population control issue, family planning or even the property privileges of the patriarch. Most individuals did not consider the embryo or the mother prospective.
Pros and cons
On the pros of abortion, it is necessary to understand that most women who are bound to perform abortions will either way find different ways to do so. In the case where abortion is made illegal, then they will have to use illegal means that have been proved very dangerous. Although most people might believe that abortion is illegal, it does not mean that it will not be performed and that means lives will be lost. For this case, it is essential to legalize abortion so that doctors and their patients are free to conduct the procedures as required. The practice of illegal abortion can be termed as a way to enhance infections since the women do not find the proper treatment after.

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