After you have received approval to analyze a specific movie scene, you can begin the first part of your brochure, presentation, or paper. Describe in detail the movie scene, including the action, dialogue, scenery, mood, etc. Also briefly describe the music. Include the name of the song and artist if applicable. Be sure to identify the movie you are watching as well! (25 points)

During this part of the project you need to analyze the music playing during your chosen movie scene based on its basic musical elements which you learned about in the Basic Elements Unit. You should include information on at least five of the musical elements, such as: rhythm, meter, melody, harmony, range, form, tempo, dynamics, articulation, etc. Use the vocabulary you learned while studying the Basic Elements Unit. (25 points)
Now analyze the music based on the time period it was written, OR the time period it was written to sound like. Use the information you learned in the Music Time Periods Unit to determine what time period the piece is from. Also briefly describe the historical time period of the movie scene. For this part of the project you may have to do some additional research about the specific piece of music playing during your scene. (25 points)

Using what you learned in the Musical Instruments Unit, describe the instruments/voices that are being used to play the music. Which instruments/voices are playing the melody? Which play the harmony and/or accompaniment? You may also include information about the specific performers if that information is known. This is another area where you may find additional research on the piece of music to be helpful. (25 points)
For the final part of this project you need to evaluate the piece of music and determine what made it an effective choice (or not) for this particular scene. How do the musical elements, the historical time period, and the instruments playing the music correspond to what is happening in the movie? Why do you think that particular piece of music was chosen, and is it effective in this scene of the movie? If you don’t feel the piece of music is effective, what changes would you make? Throughout this portion of the project you should be as specific as possible. (50 points)