Alliance Supermarket and Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems Essay

 Point of sale (POS) systems, are computer systems, which help organisation keep track of sales, transactions, customer trends, and automate the tedious manual tasks. Alliance Supermarkets has been using a POS system to keep track of its inventory. The data captured in the POS system is not being utilised efficiently to enhance the organisation competitiveness and productivity. This article will formulate new and inventive uses of the information from the POS system and Evaluate ethical and privacy concerns of information gathered from the POS system.
POS system enable Alliance supermarkets to keep track of daily sale, which translates to the business capability of examining customer trends (Books Llc, 2010). The information gathered through the systems can help organisation to be able to identify trends in the market; thereby, ensuring that organisations responds to consumer trends and needs appropriately (Mahadevan, 2009). This will ensure that the organisation reduces costs, which are mainly associated with human error. Tracking consumer trends enables appropriate product quantities are available at all times. POS system lowers costs and improves productivity with the enterprise (Vermeeren, et al., 2010). The POS system reduces the redundancies and time taken to serve customers their orders. POS system improves the service quality within the enterprise.

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