I.  Introduction

  1. Background information (interesting facts, statistics, rhetorical questions)
  • The Gettysburgh Battle was a major game changer in the civil war. It took place in Gettysburgh, Pennsylvania that occurred in July 1st 1863 (Coddington, 2009).
  • It was a battle between the Confederates forces led by General Robert Lee and the union Forces led by George Meades.
  • On july1st the confederate forces managed to push union faces through Gettysburgh to Cemetery hill (Herbert, 2011). In July Lee managed to attack the union flanks resulting in intense fighting and by 2nd union forces further losing ground.
  • On July 3rd the union forces faced off the confederates at Calp Hill winning the battle and gaining lost ground. This was the second attack by southerners and it failed completely (Clark, 2013).
  • It recorded the highest casualty numbers in the history of the civil war.
  1. Thesis Statement:

To investigate the impact of the Gettysburgh Battle in America’s Civil war and nation building.
II.    How the Gettysburgh Battle impacted on the America’s Civil War.

  1. Impact on the loss on Gettysburgh Battle for the Confederate Forces.
  2. How the win at Gettysburgh Battle influenced the union forces as they sought to unify the subcontinent (Robert, 2005).
  3. The number of casualties to the war.
  4. Impact on the American nation (Eicher, 2004).

III. Strategies and policies that influenced the Gettysburgh Battle

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