American Consciousness in Regards to Discrimination and Segregation Cause and Effect Essay

In the recent anniversary of the famous speech “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King Jr., people were remained of the struggles African American went through society. Three important African American figures who helped to fight Dr. Kings’ message where Rosa Parks, Emmitt Till, and the Little Rock Nine. Parks was a civil right activist woman that defied segregation in intrastate travel in Montgomery. Young Boy Till was the child that is best known for the case of the “Wolf-whistle Murder”, who was brutally whipped before being killed and sunk in the river for whistling to a woman. The little Rock nine, was a group of nine student that had the courage to walk into the halls of an only white students high school in order to fight for segregation. Parks, Till and the Little Rock Nine stood up to change the American consciousness in regards to discrimination and segregation which was then embraced by Hollywood that showed a positive image of interracial marriage.

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