Applying An Ethical Theory Essay

My friend was recently involved in a car accident where he hit someone. In the cause of the accident, a hysterical woman came up to him and stated that she was responsible for the death of the individual who had been hit. My friend was well aware that he was the guilty one but now faced an ethical dilemma on whether to get away with it or to let the innocent woman take the fall for him. Whoever was to blame would obviously have to be charged in court and my friend felt that he was not ready to face this. All the same, he could not bring himself to blame someone who he knew was innocent in spite of the consequences that he would have to face. In the end, he told the woman that he was the one responsible for hitting the pedestrian and agreed to take the blame for this.
In light of this, my friend did not solve the dilemma in line with the consequences of his choice. This is because the consequences for his choice were facing a jail term. Instead, he focused on the effect that his choice would have on himself and also the innocent woman. If at all he blamed the innocent woman for the incident, he would live with the guilt for the rest of his life and would probably never have peace due to the fact that someone was taking the blame for him. He was also considerate about the effect that the choice would have on the innocent woman who was hysterical even when she was not sure whether she was to blame. His choice displayed a high level of morality.

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