Are Cell Phones Dangerous?
Some scientists have termed cell phones as having more dangerous effects on humans than cigarettes (Lean, 2008). On the contrary, other scientists have defended cell phones from any harmful effects on human health. This begs the question, ‘are cell phones dangerous?’ Numerous studies have made attempts to contribute to the debate on the effects of mobile phones on the health of human beings. There is no doubt that mobile phones have become an integral part of life in the 21st century. Nevertheless, the dangers of cell phones use may eventually negate the gains made in communication technology.
Cell phones have been important in saving lives especially in instances of emergency. They have also been associated with immense improvements in the general lifestyle throughout the world (European Commission, 2005). Many things which initially seemed almost impossible are now done with much ease thanks to cell phones. Virtually all spheres of human life have been greatly improved due to the use of cell phones. The importance of cell phones has thus been enormous in the modern day life.
The electromagnetism concept on which cell phones are based has become a major concern for health issues. Many scientists have claimed that such radiations are highly harmful to humans. In fact, some scientists argue that cell phones will be 21st century’s ‘smoking gun’ (Lean, 2008). The radiations emanated by cell phones have been linked with adverse changes in human brain posing major health risks such as cancerous tumors.
An increasing level of evidence reveals that there are numerous dangers associated with the use of cell phones (Fletcher, 2002). Although this has not been entirely proven, there is a likelihood that continued research will validate the claims beyond reasonable doubt in the near future. The association of cell phones with malignant tumors is a serious concern that requires immediate scrutiny. Industry stakeholders and government need to take preventive measures to reduce or completely eliminate harmful radiations from cell phones. In a nutshell, the gains made in cell phone technology have been greatly thwarted by the myriad dangers associated with their continued use.
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