As a community health worker, what are some benefits of applying probability concepts to solve community health-related problems? Would your decisions suffer without probability concepts? Explain your answer. Find a peer-reviewed article that describes the benefits of applying probability concepts to solve problems in a particular field of interest to you (e.g., community policing, urban planning, public health, etc.). Then describe and discuss this article
 Probability Concepts
Probability has been described as the law of chance. Combining statistic and Probability gives the values that are needed to determining the chances of maximizing production when it comes to business. For health related problems, these problems mostly follow a given pattern which can be modeled into a formula with the help of statistical calculations. Through the use of statistical measures of central tendencies like the mean, median, mode and standard deviation, it is very easy to describe a given population with certainty. Through the given measures, we can be in a position to determine with certainty the future and forecast on what is expected to happen using the data that is already in place.

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