Who is an Asian American? How the group is currently classified. Identify the makeup of the Asian population based on 2008 census. Please name and give percentage make up in the population.
Asian American Classification Based on 2008 Census Research Paper:
The U.S Census Bureau defines Asian Americans as all persons with an origin from the Fast East, Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The majority of the people ignorantly refer to people from the Asian Pacific as Chinese. However, the Asian include the Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and the Chinese making up the majority. Overall, there are over 20 indigenous Asian Americans communities in the United States. Each of the subgroups making the Asian ethnic groups has distinctive culture and traditions.
Social stereotypes and cultural crash are the two major challenges face the Asian American communities. Major stereotypes associated with Asian Americans include being high academic achievers, rich and also conservative. The stereotypes affect the ability of the Asian individuals to integrate into the American culture. Second, Asian American had a distinctive culture from the Americans (Kim, 2012). The cultural conflicts prevent Asians from opening up and maintaining closely knit and loyal families. About 50% of the Asian Americans over 25 years have a bachelor’s degree (United States Census Bureau 2008).
The United States Census Bureau 2008 survey estimated that Asian Americans make up 5% of the total population in the United States. Asian Americans will make up 9.7% of the population by 2050. The survey also indicates that Chinese Asians make up 3.62 million of the population with Filipinos, Asian Indians, Vietnamese, Koreans and Japanese’s at 3.09, 2.73, 1.73, 1.61 and 1.30 million respectively. Asian American, in this case, refers to all people who have an Asian identity though not pure such as Asian-American families. The majority of Asians about 5.1 million reside in California with Hawaii making up the largest Asian population. Between 2007-2008 Asian-American population grew by 2.7% (United States Census Bureau, 2008).
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