Week 1 Assignment
After studying chapter 1 and 2, do the following assignment and submit it through the Turnitin link shown below this assignment.
1. At a recent hospital planning meeting, the marketing director reports on consumer interest in a women’s health center. Hearing strong interest, the planning committee endorses the concept. A group of clinicians is charged with developing the program. Upon introduction, market response does not meet expectations. A senior physician was heard to complain, “What went wrong? We did the survey.” Explain the possible reasons for this program’s failure.
2.After reviewing the volume of subscribers to the managed care plan, the executive director is dismayed. Projected enrollment is far below the forecasted level for the targeted time period. A decision is made to hire additional salespeople to market the plan more aggressively. Explain the inconsistencies between this decision and an evolutionary marketing perspective.
3. At a strategic planning retreat of a six-person general surgery group, the senior partner begins by stating, “Our mission is to perform the highest quality invasive surgery procedures in the community.” In what ways might this view of the organization’s mission suffer from the myopia that afflicted the railroads in an earlier era?
4. You recently have been hired as the senior marketing officer for a high deductible health plan. There are two other existing plans in the market that have been operating for the prior two years. One plan is operated by a mid-sized insurance company. It has been targeting employers in the region with a minimum of 500 employees and has penetrated this market fairly successfully. The second plan is operated by a nationally based insurance company with a fairly strong brand presence and heavy advertising budget. Its deductible offering is at the $5000 level for singles and $10000 for couples. You are trying to decide how you might establish a differential advantage relative to these two offerings as the third entrant. What are the alternatives to consider?
Take Quiz 1 that covers chapters 1 and 2.
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