Essay on Being a Good Manager

Managerial principles are imperative to guarantee the smooth running of companies, and also, to ensure that companies achieve their set targets and objectives. To ensure this, managers are put in place to steer head the company towards its mission. In addition, Denscombe (2010) observes that one very important aspect in management is the relationship between the manager and the boss. Whilst managing the subordinates, the manager should also note that the boss requires reliability, cooperation, and adequate reporting (Denscombe, 2010).

Planning is perhaps the primary step in every person’s journey to success. It is a critical element in becoming a good manager. It often involves reflecting on one’s needs and weaknesses so that these weaknesses can be bettered to achieve success (Denscombe, 2010). Indeed, leaders who have been most successful have been seen to be those who reflect and learn from their mistakes. It is important, therefore, to review own development needs to update skills and knowledge. Indeed, I can use the learning points on a daily basis in my role to help create a healthy environment in which members of staff can work (Denscombe, 2010).

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