Sample Essay On the Benefits realized by consumers by accessing their data via mobile applications

Smart phones that are enabled by wireless data networks are no longer overlooked as strict consumer phenomenon. All consumers operating within diverse kinds of value chains have embraced the smart devices with the aim of improving processes, reducing costs and enhancing collaborations. The benefits associated with the increased use of smart phones by consumers are experienced when companies start looking at the entire business mobility spectrum, and its ability to increase the value of an organization. Social networks and mobile computing have become parts of the daily lives that most of the Americans have to live. According to Nielson data, a total of forty eight percent of all American adults own one or more mobile computing devices. Out of this percentage, a total of sixty five thousand of the entire individuals who have access and use the internet also use social networking systems. For this reason, it is essential to realize that the social networks and mobile computing are not a passing cloud and will not fade (David, 2010).
Mobile computing has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile computing application through the provision and the power to capture customer data and geological data. This data is uploaded to a quick processing server that lacks users that have desktop systems. In this, it becomes essential to evaluate the benefits that consumers realize through using their mobile application in completing and gaining access to their own data.

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