Case Study: The Apple Company Essay
Executive Summary
These case study discusses the background, statement of the problem, causes of the problem, possible solutions as well as recommendation among the others on the United States Apple Company. For a long period, the company has introduced digital hub strategy where it decided to make computers (Egan, 2007). IPod was one of the strategy but its sales fell due to the introduction of other competitive products like the smart phones. Its launch later struck the market over the promotions, advertising, and positioning of the product in the market. However, after the re-launching of the product in the market, a series of innovative advertising campaigns via television commercials, print, ads, billboards, and wrap advertising, followed so that the product would sell beyond imagination hence generating high revenue in the company (Bradford, 2008). The case study also discuses on the possible measure to be taken in order to help provide distinctive features for the product in order to reacquire its marketing strength in the market.

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