Causations of the Conflicts between the Greek and Persian Empires According to Herodotus’s Accounts

What does Herodotus believe was the primary reason for War between Persia and its Greek opponents? How did the decisions and the actions of the Persians, Athenians and Spartans each lead to conflict? Does Herodotus believe that war was inevitable? Was any one party responsible for the War? Look closely at Herodotus’ analysis of both Persian and Greek policies in writing this essay
While there are many sources of information regarding the wars that occurred between the Greek and Persian empires, most of the surviving accounts are from the Greek side. While it is understood that not all of the facts may be known about the situations that lead to the wars, it must be taken into consideration that all of the information available is from one side of the story and that one side of the story may not give a fully accurate picture of the history. The majority of information that is available is from the historian Herodotus, who is known as the father of history. Although some call him the “Father of History and Lies” since it is unknown whether his accounts are fully accurate or not (Desmond 327).

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