Cause and Effect Essay On U.S Leadership

Leadership in the United States of America has always been governed by similar political dynamics throughout its presidential history. White, elderly male presidents dote America’s presidential history. Voting Barack Obama in altered this history, first of all because he is black and also because compared to the presidents before he is fairly young. In my opinion, Barrack Obama as the people’s choice in the forty fourth place of their president was a great challenge that was met with heightened expectations and an aura of suspense.
Obama gained a lot of support due to his ideals and his seeming ability to perform. One of the reasons he gained a lot of support was his argument on important issues such as education, healthcare, women’s rights and war. During his speeches, the manner in which he approached these issues and explained his ability to deal with these issues to the people was incredibly different. He managed to capture the younger generation through fresh ideas and modern ideals.

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