Central Issues facing Victorian Society
Various issues are associated with industrialism in the Victorian society. Indeed, diverse concerns are raised pertaining to the extent to which industrialism has been shaped by numerous aspects of the Victorian society. There are several texts that bring about different aspects of the Victorian industrialism. The industrialism issue in the Victorian society is further evident through the issues highlighted in ‘The Open Boat’. There is a profusion of deistic, humanistic and animistic characterizations by the narrator. Indeed, the fate of man is determined by nature. However, man keeps on overcoming the indifferent manner in which nature operates towards mans fate. In particular, the concept of industrialism is portrayed through the continued exploitation of nature by man. For instance, the changing mans perspective about the sea is an indicator of development towards industrialism. The growing industrialism in Victorian society also brings along with itself several challenges particularly the problem of class as evident in the story of ‘The Horse Dealer’s Daughter’. There is societal stratification where the rich are served by maid servants. Other serious issues came up as a result of industrialism in the Victorian age as evident through several texts Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, “The Cry of the Children” where she portrays the suffering of children working in the mines. Furthermore, the industrialism in the Victorian society is associated with extensive suffering by the workers who had to withstand very low pay levels, long working hours as well as live in very poor conditions. This is portrayed through the work of Friedrich Engel’s ‘The Condition of the Working Class’
Question 1 part 2: Analysis of Victorian works
Culture and Anarchy
The struggle in Asia is based on the fact that majority wanted the creation of regional system as opposed to the neo-liberal imperialism. A section of Asians proposed the need of other system of governance other than nationalism which would create fresh Asian identity devoid of western influence. Asia has felt the need of creating regional institutions capable of competing evenly the power of the United States based on liberal globalization. This was considered achievable through bringing together military unions, establishment of collaborative economic institutions and international political institutions. This would ultimately lead to global order with central command in politics, culture, military and economy. Regionalism has played an important role in the protection of European societies. The same aspect became major debate in Asia with China suggesting on the new formation of South-east Asian Nations Association (ASEAN), the same idea was shared by Japan and South Korea.
Different forms of Asianism emerged since 19th century based on different forms of nationalism. However, the current proposition on Asian nationalism was driven by either Japanese or social concept. The idea of Asia is believed to have been a European invention in the 18th and 19th centuries. This was developed from the perspective of natural and social sciences with the creation of new world map which integrated the concept of Europe and Asia within the world history. The idea of Asia was constructed by a group of Europeans with aim of contrasting the region with Europe resulting into fierce opposition between Asian culture and European sovereignty based on political and economic systems. There was also pronounced differences in the European urban life and trade and the Asian agrarian mode of production since capitalists considered to have superiority over the inferior historical systems within Asia. Asia was viewed as a civilization with contrary political form opposed to that of European nation-state and also having social form instead of capitalism supported by the Europeans.
Western democratic liberalism allows for decentralized decision making for the purposes of easier modification of policies depending on local demand. In this case policies were modified for specific target groups hence leading to affordable costs of living within major cities. At the same time, such strategy forced the government to utilize local knowledge and capabilities, for the purposes of satisfying needs and taste of local consumers. This strategy could easily lead to loss on distinctiveness since local adaptation keeps changing over long period of time. Additionally, there is increased spending owing to complexity experienced in coordinating a range of strategies across boundaries within Chinese territory. Such strategy was used in cases where political parties required more power to overcome pressures emanating from cost effectiveness as well as adaptation with Maoist rules. However, the government allocated assets and capabilities depending on benefits obtained from each specific activity. Most activities within ‘upstream’ value chains experienced centralization with such strategy for the purposes of satisfying citizen’s needs. Conversely, activities within countryside were decentralized.
Goblin market
In this story two sisters are portrayed as hearing the sounds from goblin fruit market from within their closet. In the first instance, those in the house representing the governed ignore various enticing calls from goblin men. In the last instance one of them decides to move out and enquire concerning the happenings. In the text Laura moves out despite warnings from Lizzie, out of curiosity she eventually moves out. In the process goblin men practices their generosity by giving her their fruit, and upon seeing it looks appealing and tasty. However, there is no money and instead the goblins offer to utilize a piece of her golden hair. The subject ultimately accepts to offer some of her hair finds herself eating goblin fruit and eventually heads home to her sister. Upon eating the fruit the subject starts to waste away. The remaining subject Lizzie decides to go down to the market to enquire and find out what was happening to her counterpart sister. This provides goblin men representing Victorian governance, with opportunity to entice her the way they tempted her sister Laura, however, Lizzie stands for her values. This leads to violent action from goblin men who attempts to forcefully stuff fruit in Lizzie’s mouth. She still stands firm through keeping her mouth shut and ultimate results is juice all over her. The violent action of goblin men makes Lizzie to run back to their house covered all over in goblin fruit juice. In the process Laura kisses the juice off her sister’s cheeks and eventually despite the pain, she get healed. At later dates, we see the two sisters now grown-ups sharing their experiences within goblin market to their children inform of caution concerning the importance of sisterly love.
On Liberty
Achievement of American history is attributed to few individuals who sacrificed their personal lives within the political field for the sake of posterity and future generations. There activities and sacrifices were characterized by pragmatism and were united against societal evils that threatened to harm their people hence leading to formation of institutions which assisted in matters of governance. This was done as a strategy to counter the rule of colonialists for the benefit of the natives. The year 1765 was marred with protests from the colonialist following declaration of an act which favored the natives; this was followed by resignations and sucking of top governing officials. America was at this time in the hands of British colonialists who ruled for nearly half a century leading to what was referred to as American Revolution which was later followed by the writing of the Constitution.
Those involved in the writing of the Constitution had conflicting goals and interests despite being driven by common values. However such interests were taken care of within the bill of rights, stipulated rules and procedures enacted within the constitution. The Constitution was able to provide a clear framework on issues concerning governance. Foundations of American democracy was built following the struggle between pro-Revolutionary and anti-Revolutionary, later turned into struggle between Federalists and Anti-federalists and subsequently the current competing interests between Democrats and Republicans.
Colonial elite had great struggle with the radical forces from those considered small groups representing peasants. The British government at some point imposed taxes citing reasons that they had to compensate for the security they offered their colonies during the French and Indian wars. A the same time there were difficulties in collection and sharing of taxes by the colonial governments which led to development of economic policy principles, such as Stamp Act and Sugar Act of 1764. Such economic issues led to confrontations that resulted into such wars as Boston massacre in 1770. Oppressions from colonialists led to demand for change within economical, social and political structures and also leadership. Series of demands marred with provocations and retaliations, boycott of British goods ultimately led to revolution.
The Importance of Being Earnest
According to the article, individual dynamism within military service forms a critical phenomenon. There is possibility of servicemen adjusting towards challenging situations within different environments.The essence of Neuroticism could be defined as the status where an individual shows weak emotions towards occurrences. The act usually leads towards stressful emotional reactions and experiences. This study gives a positive correlation on self-confidence and neuroticism, whereby low standards of neuroticism is associated with good leadership. Self-esteem is considered a representative of low levels of neuroticism hence creating a factor used when analysing leadership qualities within entire organization staff. Neurotic individuals as indicated in this chapter are less likely to be considered as mature leaders making neuroticism to be considered negatively based on quality leadership and effectiveness. Performance on administrative responsibilities in social service set-up can only be based on interest and adequate preparation which requires high leadership skills.

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