Change Management Essay

Change management can be viewed as an exciting time for some employees and it can be a time of disturbance, menace, and loss for others. The response to change in an organization is the difference between existing and being successful in an organization or work environment. Change is inevitable and relevant in any organization, and the source can be internal or external. The internal source can be from the management in response to customer’s needs, costs or concerns in performance while external can be the economic, social, or political pressures (Schwalbe, 2010). Change management is the process in which an organization takes an ordered and planned approach to help ally the organization with the change process (Pugh, 2007). Change management pertains to working with the stakeholder groups to assist them to value the change process and maintain the transition and working to conquer any challenges that may arise. Consequently, it involves behavioral and organizational adjustments that will help to sustain and accommodate change.

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