Chapter 27: The Optimism and the Anguish of the 1960s
Read chapter 27 and watch segments 6-14 the assigned video, The Year 1964 (American Experience). This is a great documentary that will help you understand this era in a way that only reading about it does not quite convey. Watch segments 6-14. Include this information in your answer.
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(a) Compare/contrast how minorities, young people (teenagers especially), and women expressed their discontent in the 1960s. What were their agendas? (Be specific!!) Differentiate between the different groups.)
(b) Also, if you were a college student in the 1960s, which cause would you have supported and why?
[When discussing the cause you would have most likely supported, feel free to give your personal reasons for doing so, but also demonstrate that you understand that cause in its historical context. I.e., why was it important in the 1960s?]
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Chapter 28: The Vietnam Era, 1961-1975
Read Chapter 28- Why did the United States get involved in Vietnam? [Be specific.] How did the war affect the political climate within the United States?
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***Use this Reference:
American Horizons: US History in a Global Context, volume II, since 1865.