Please prepare a minimum 3 – 5 page response to the questions at the end of the case study. Be thorough in answering all questions, be sure to proof for grammar and spelling. Videos for each case study can be found below.
Choose 1 of the cases below:
Chobani: Making Greek Yogurt a Household Name, Pages 21 – 23
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1. From the information about Chobani whom did hamdi identify as the target for his first cups of yorgurt and his intital 4p marketing strategy?
2. What marketing actions would you expect the companines selling Yoplait dannon and pepsi yogurts? How might chobani respond?
3. WHat advantages and disadvantages of chobani respond to facebook, calls and media from the customer?
4. As CHobani seeks to build its brand it opended a unique retail store in NYC. WHy did he do this?
5. WHat criteria might chabani use when it seeks markets in new countries and what three or four countries meet these criteria?

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