CIS5302 S1 2016

Presentation: search for examples of consulting company reports, your assignment should have a professional look and feel; put your name, student number, course and semester only on the cover sheet – the rest of the assignment should look like a professional Business Analyst’s report.

Word length: a guide is that for assignment tasks requiring a written response you would expect around 1 page for a task worth 10 marks; brevity and clarity is more important than volume of words. As noted above you should pay particular attention to use of subheadings, fonts and other ways of improving readability, Business Analysis is all about clarity of communication.

Finding a Case Study:

if you are linked to an organization (sporting or social club for an example) ask what the need for new systems is, choose the highest priority eg membership registration and work around that
Do you have any family or friends involved in business, or do you know anyone with a business? Does your local grocer have a need eg for re-ordering (keep it simple, you can’t solve all their problems)
Otherwise do you have any friends with ideas for a business? What would be the major need – an e-commerce web-site for e-tailing, financial transactions and dispatch of orders?
If you are studying at a campus through one of the USQ partner organizations do they have a need for eg. classroom scheduling, facilities maintenance, roistering of staff, registration of students
Don’t try to solve all the problems for a business in the few weeks you have and focus on one business process – only do one of eg recruitment, web-site customer interface, back-orders/SCM, billing etc.
Assignment 3

Using the same case study you used in Assignment 2 and building upon the work you have already completed you need to undertake the following tasks:

TASK 3.01 Journal Continue your journal (a project log or diary) for this next Assignment. Use a table with columns for activity number, date, activity, description and status. The journal will serve as the diary of your project. The journal should be attached as an Appendix to your report (10 Marks)

TASK 3.02 Develop a one-page table of key requirements (product backlog) from the perspectives of each of the stakeholders (user stories) using Agile format “As a …. I want to …. so that..”). The Product backlog should be in a spreadsheet format (10 Marks)

TASK 3.03 Provide an “AS IS” process using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) or UML (Unified Modelling Language) (10 Marks)

TASK 3.04 Develop a “TO BE” process using BPMN or UML (10 Marks)

TASK 3.05 Compare your As is and To be diagrams to prepare a briefing note for the Organisational change and Training Team regarding the anticipated business impact of the system. You should make recommendations on how these business impacts can be managed (20 Marks)

TASK 3.06 From a business perspective categorise the backlog using the MOSCOW requirement prioritization method (or other similar method – in which case you must name the method and give a reference) and identify the stories that makes your minimum viable product (10 Marks)

TASK 3.07 Develop screen designs for two MUST stories created in Task 2.05 and identify any business rules; justify your design (10 Marks)

TASK 3.08 Write all acceptance criteria for these two stories to be done (10 Marks)

TASK 3.09 Write a Job Description for a Business Analyst to be recruited to join your project (10 Marks)