Commentary on the Movie “The Killer”
John Woo’s movie, “The Killer”, is a representation of the action movies written by the author. The films by John Woo reflect an articulate mastery of violence and action. The e is an attempt by the author to continuously produce high quality movies with an interesting, fresh and hip sequence. In the movie, “The Killer”, John Woo brings an interesting episode involving extreme violence. Indeed, John Woo has managed to turn violence into an interesting art as portrayed throughout several action movies. Many movies by John Woo have some element of action.
“The Killer” is a thriller that depicts John Woo’s prowess with violent movies and particularly scenes involving shootout activities. There is no doubt that John Woo manages to exhibit the strengths and characteristics of the characters throughout the movie. There is a sense of strong agility on the part of the hero which also enhances the exposition of the numbers possessed by the enemy. Therefore, the ratio between the two forces is practically formidable. “The Killer” is set in Hong Kong which is described as looking “good at night” (148). The characters in “The Killer” discuss the extent to which their lives have been transformed by the ever changing world, “Our World is changing too fast” (148).
When a restaurant shoot-out occurs, the hitman Jeff realizes that he mistakenly hurts the eyes of a singer. It is realized that that the eyes require an urgent surgery if the singer’s sight it to be salvaged. The hitman fully blames his actions for the plight that befalls the singer. Immediately, the hitman embarks on a last hit to raise money for the treatment. “The Killer” is therefore a representation of attempts by John Woo to build great movies on the action concept. The Killer depicts the existence of the themes emphasized “beyond the temporal boundaries of space and history” (149).
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