Contemporary Management Approaches Essay
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There are four known contemporary management approaches that include: sociotechnical theory, organizational behavior, quantitative management and systems theory. These management approaches are essential in analyzing the different organizational environments, including internal, macro and competitive environments. This paper will look at the different contemporary management approaches, define open systems and describe the internal, macro and competitive organizational environments. It will also indicate whether or not the four contemporary approaches to management are relevant in the above stated environments.
Socio-technical is the first contemporary management approach. It is deemed that success in each and every organization comes when there is harmony between the social and the technical organizational systems (Nieuwenhuizen, 2008). The social system of the organization is comprised of: employees, their knowledge and skills, attitude as well as understanding of the specific jobs that they perform. On the other hand, the technical systems comprises of the resources that the employees require in order to perform the job to completion. These resources include: techniques, tools and devices. If both systems work together, there is a higher chance of it creating an outcome that will benefit the organization. Hence, it can be deduced that the approach asserts that employees are productive when they are given the right tools and equipped with the right knowledge to perform the task.

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