When tasked with writing a controversial research paper, a professor or a tutor (for college level controversial papers ) can give you a number of topics to choose from, or he may give you a chance to come up with list of controversial topics for research paper that you may wish to base your research paper on. There are many students who are good at writing research papers when a topic has been given, while there are those who are unable to decide the best controversial topics for a research paper. Here is a list of some common controversial topics for a college essay. If you are stuck, you can order your research paper with us and we will help you come up with a great controversial topic for your research paper.

Controversial Topics For Research Papers For College Students

controversial topics for a research paper

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6 Legal Controversial Essay Paper Topics:

There are so many legal related controversial ideas and topics. Place an order to get custom topic and a research paper for your controversial research writing assignment. Here are some of them:

  1. Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed for capital offenses?
  2. Should Sports Betting Be Legal In America?
  3. Should betting be limited with age?
  4. Should use of military force to minors be allowed?
  5. Should children of illegal immigrants be granted citizenship?
  6. Why is crime prevalent among Black Americans:

5 Economy & Taxes Controversial Issues For a College Essay 

  1. Is the current taxation system fair?
  2. Should Churches pay tax?
  3. Should federal corporate taxes be reduced to create more jobs?
  4. Should the Federal Government Continue to Subsidize Oil Companies?
  5. Should federal taxes be increased?
  6. Should the rich pay more tax?

Sex & Gender Controversial Topics

  1.  Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?
  2. Should Prostitution Be Legal?
  3. Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?- Gay Marriage Essay
  4. Should Transgender People Be Allowed to Use the Bathroom of Their Choice?
  5. Should Religious Liberty Give People the Right to Deny Goods and Services for Gay Marriage?

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Help With Controversial Research Papers Topics

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