Discussion forums provide an opportunity for student’s to actively engage in the learning while sharing their knowledge in a common learning space. Students must read the chapters and review the chapter PowerPoint Presentations, in-class lecture, etc. in order to effectively respond to the weekly discussion questions.
Each student is to engage in weekly online discussions. Questions will be specific to the topics/concepts from each week’s learning unit. There will be a weekly Online Course Discussion Forum. Each forum will contain question questions specific to the chapters under study. Each forum will begin with an “initial question”. The initial question will evolve to provide students the opportunity to meet the weekly requirement of 6 posts for the week.
All discussion questions are “required and graded” throughout the course. The discussion week begins each Wednesday 12:01 a.m., and concludes each Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. CST. Students are required to make three (3) responses to each question: one (1) to the original post (the instructor) and one (1) response to two (2) additional students, for a total of six (6) posts for the week or each question.
Students are required to make their first response to each “initial” question no later than Thursday, 9:00 p.m. of each week. Failure to do so will result in a 2 point loss for each question not responded to. The question will evolve during the week to ensure that all learning objectives are addressed in the open forum.
Rules of Netiquette apply in all postings/responses/replies. Students must address/identify the person that they are responding to and must conclude/sign with their name.
Participation – engaging and interacting with other students,
Frequency – number of times and day engaged in each online discussion
Content – 50-100 words per posting/response
Quality – depth of knowledge and insight added to the discussion forum (high – 2; low – 1)
Grading: Maximum 25 point for each forum /question.
Answers these question
Consider this scenario – Jackie Smith supervises a group of lab technicians, who conduct medical tests. It is extremely important that the technicians follow lab procedures to obtain accurate test results. Discuss the steps Smith can take to apply positive discipline with her group? You may refer to Problem Employees: Counseling and Discipline for additional information. We will continue this discussion question to include the topics of managing time, stress and conflict.