Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Final Research Paper

     In order to get a greater understanding of the crime trends in a particular geographical area or to gather numerical information for the entire nation research methods must be developed to compile this crime data. The Crime in the United States is a publication by the F.B.I’s Uniform Crime Report that is released every year and provides rankings concerning the different crime trends in America’s cities and towns. The report is completed after the UCR receives the necessary crime data from the cities and towns across America. Their level of crime patterns and trends then ranks Cities and towns.
Crime in the U.S publication usually entails but is not limited to hate crime statistics, law enforcement officers’ assault, financial crimes reports, bank crimes reports, financial institution and mortgage fraud reports, terrorism incidents among others. The objective of this yearly exercise is not only to inform the public of the rate of crime, but to keep law enforcers and officers accountable. They are also used to gauge the country’s justice and safety position so as to inform what needs to be improved or implemented to maintain safety and peace for the sake of the citizens. In light of this, it is very important that the statistics and information collected and reported is accurate and free of bias as it is used as basis for important planning and strategy.

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