Cultural Diversity Presentation Essay

Cultural diversity in schools is important in equipping children with the knowledge of different cultures and helps them learn how to relate and embrace cultural differences and eliminate the barriers of Sexism, racism and prejudice (Govaris & Kaldi, 2010). Most importantly, it prepares them for citizenship in a multicultural democracy. The American public school system is founded upon the principle that all people, regardless of their special circumstances or cultures, are entitled to free and quality education to enable them become productive, contributing citizens in the society (Little, 2014). Modern-day education has taken up that vision to create global citizens. Students therefore, need to learn how to interact and function in a diverse multicultural, multiethnic environment. Public schools are becoming culturally diverse as different countries in the world embrace cultural and ethnic diversity (Govaris & Kaldi, 2010). This has been helpful in assisting the students develop an understanding of the outlook of children from different backgrounds and with the diversity, there have been demands to find the effective ways through which students can learn to get along with each other and succeed academically.

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