A Sample Cyber Security Essay and Government Intervention

Cyber security is the protection of information on computerized system networks, as well as personal data that is held in the cyberspace. Cyber technology has been one of the fastest growing area in terms of technology and information. However, it has been marred by myriads of challenges one of the being the threat of information.

Justification for government Intervention

Government is charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the interests of the people through the formulation and implementation of policies that support the process of ensuring that people are protected from harmful practices on the internet. The challenge however comes in because most of the issues that are related to the internet are handled by the private sector. Since it is the responsibility of the government to take care of citizens, it means that it is justified to be involved by telling private companies on how to set up and improve their cyber security. This can be done by carrying out some regulations and putting controls (Hudson, 2009). Government needs to be involved in private cyber security because when there is a lapse in the cyber securities for private firms, the infiltration can cause hacking in government security systems.
While people may think that the government has vested interests in controlling the private company’s cyber security, the plain truth is that government has the interests of the citizens at heart. In the recent past, there have been many cases of hacking within the last decade and indeed a few months ago co there was an attack of computer networks where sensitive government information has been stolen even though the companies holding such information was private. A common example is the leaking of government secretes through wiki leaks. In 2008 there was a cyber attack on personal accounts of high ranking government officials which was caused by a malicious code from a private flash drive. The general public has also been exposed to the cyber threats and all these have prompted the government to tell the private firms on how to manage their cyber security.

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Another justification as to why the government should participate in controlling private companies and cyber security is because of issues to do with morality. For instance when individuals and companies post offending material which could harmful to children, then it is the duty of the government to protect such vulnerable groups (Eraft, 2011). Banks have also been victims of cyber crimes whereby they have been hacked into and money stolen. When such things happen, the government through the police must always be involved and therefore it makes sense that government puts protective measures in place to ensure information is protected at all levels. The advent and growth of terrorism has caused security concerns over the world and governments are worried that the next war will be fought on the internet. Already there have been cases of cyber terrorism reported through some social media and this means that if government does not handle things well, then national security can be compromised.

Cyber Security Essay Methods of intervention

The government can be involved, through the formulation of policies that can control the setting and running of cyber security systems in order to have an easy time to audit. Apart from policies, the government can also ask the private firms to submit their audit reports for easy monitoring. Finally the government can compel private companies to use a suggested system to run their cyber security. All these can be achieved if government is able to coordinate the activities through trained manpower (Chen, 2009). Congress has been on the forefront debating issues to do with cyber security and the department of homeland security has also stepped up screening of online accounts of suspected criminals.
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