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 Sample Debatable Topics for Research Papers:

Here is a list of some of debate topics for research papers for those who want to write the papers for their own. If you are stuck with your writing your research paper on any debatable topic. We are here to help you from finding the right topic to proofreading your paper. Make an order for a custom paper today. Here is a list to get you started:

  1. Doping and sports.
  2. A controversial research paper on the issue of children models.
  3. Internet censorship.
  4. Do access to various family planning methods lead to irresponsible behavior amongst the teens?
  5. Is our country’s taxation system fair?
  6. Carrying out research and tests using animals.
  7. Companies marketing to children.
  8. Have video games contributed to moral corrosion in the modern society?
  9. Do you support decreasing the alcohol drinking age?
  10. Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?
  11. Should the students be allowed to rate their teachers?
  12. Is going to college worth it?
  13. Is higher education becoming useless?
  14. Should we use death row inmates for medical research instead of animals?
  15. Since minors can’t marry, drink alcohol, or drive, should their criminal offenses be treated with some leniency?
  16. Home schoolers should be subjected to at least three years in a public high school before graduating. Discuss
  17. Should marijuana be legalized for medicinal purposes, recreational, and therapeutic drug uses nationwide?

This is just a simple list of some of the debatable topics for research papers we have worked on in the past. Feel free to use this list to come up with a custom topic for your debatable research paper or term paper. Our custom service can come up with better ideas based on your requirements. Click on the order now to submit instructions for the research paper.

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