Describe a variety of techniques for encouraging curiosity toward mathematics in a classroom that includes multicultural students and students with exceptionalities.
Write an essay (suggested length of 1 page) in which you:
A. Identify at least four appropriate strategies a teacher could use to encourage student curiosity in mathematics.
B. Explain the purpose of each strategy.
C. Explain how a teacher could apply each strategy in the classroom. 
Studies show that many students have negative attitudes towards mathematics and many of them believe that mathematics is a complicated and difficult subject. In addition to this, students have a notion that they lack enough skills to enable them handle mathematical calculations. As a result of these beliefs and attitudes numerous students perform poorly in mathematics. To this effect, several techniques for encouraging curiosity among students have been developed. Some of these strategies include: show me the answer, use of white boards, think pair-share and lastly thumps up/ thumps down strategy (Swan, 2002).

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