Describe How The Shifts In Societal Forces Have Impacted Marketing Over The Years.- Social Forces Impact in Marketing 
The shifts in societal forces have impacted marketing over the years. The discussion is going to describe some of these forces. The fast force is in regards to the digital infrastructure. Having these infrastructures have increased productivity, transparency and connectivity. As a result marketing for different organizations have drastically improved over the years without too much complexity because of the digital infrastructures that are in place. As years go by more digital infrastructures are being innovated thus marketing procedures are also going to change.
The second force involves an increase in movement of knowledge, talent and capital. Any organization that has these factors has succeeded greatly in their marketing processes. For, instance knowledge flows as a result of learning collaboration thus making it a crucial source for value creation and this is done easily through the social media. Research has shown that there is a correlation between the increased growth in the use of social media and the increased knowledge flows in the organizations (Charles. & Patrick 2011).. More advances are achieved almost daily and through knowledge flow companies can use the knowledge to gain competitive advantage over the other company. Organizations have also embraced talent causing an impact on the marketing world. Finally, in recent years marketing has been impacted by capital because many companies are investing more in the marketing strategies that ensure that they have competitive advantage over their competitors.
The last force that has had impact marketing is the improvement and exploitation of digital infrastructure through creating and sharing knowledge. Through the constant improvement of knowledge and infrastructure is what is causing the marketing of organizations to keep on changing compared to the past years. The three forces, digital infrastructure, knowledge flow and improvement of the two first factors are the main impacts in marketing procedures.
Charles W. Lamb, Jr. & Patrick M. Dunne. (2011). Theoretical developments in marketing. Marketing Classic Press.