Digital tools and effective strategies for student engagement in the online classroom. Consider how these tools can be used outside of the classroom

This bibliography must:
1. Include your name at the top of the document
2. Include the title of your project topic on the document
3. Include at least 4 resources that support your topic; these references are to come from the APUS(American publicschoolsystems) library
4. Three (3) of the references must come from different types of resources (ie. journal, book, etc.)
5. List the 4 resources alphabetically by author
6. Be attached as a .doc or .docx file to this Assignment
You will need to modify the template to accommodate the fourth reference and the alphabetizing requirement
When you write a summary of the resource, you must write your own, original summary of the piece. Do not restate the author’s abstract nor copy and paste from a website.
Take the time to include the resource’s relevance to your research. In other words, explain in your summary why this article, book, or website is important to the project’s topic.

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