Disasters From A Political-Economic Standpoint Essay

 The interrelation between production and the distribution of wealth and national income with reference to law is known as a political economy. A political economy reflects on the social class distribution where different people afford different living standards. For instance, it is common for the high class majority to live in well spaced and secure regions as they have the necessary resources to support their living. On the other hand, the middle class will occupy densely populated regions according to their financial abilities (Wisner, 2001).
Earthquakes are natural disasters that affect unstable regions. As populations continue to increase by the day, houses are being built at very uncouth rates in competition to the increasing number of people. The low and middle class people might as a result find themselves living in regions that are unstable. Their activities in such regions then spark imbalances in the earth’s crust and as a result landslides and earthquake related endeavors result into mayhem. Such kinds of natural disasters are as a result of human based activities altogether.

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