Discuss how you intend to use lessons learned from IT concepts, practices and strategies to build towards your personal career.
IT Concepts, Practices and Strategies in Career Development
Information technology (IT) is a generic term referring to the use of computing technology such as networking, hardware, software and the internet to ease operations and solve problems at individual or institutional level (Fisher, 2004). IT involves the use of computers, storage, networking and other physical devices; technology infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic media. The understanding of various IT concepts, practices and strategies will be very useful in developing my journalism career.
Computers have become an integral part in journalism and the general collection and presentation of information. The understanding of concepts behind the use of computer hardware and software and how they relate will help in collection, analysis and presented of information for print, audio and audio visual formats. Further, IT concepts are crucial in communication through the understanding of internet and how it can be used as a tool of effective communication (The U.S department of Labor, 2014). The use of internet in doing personalized journalism helps increase knowledge about the specific field or career. Effective use of email and social media channels is deeply rooted in the understanding of information technology.
On the other hand, IT is home to many hands on activities such as creating and editing documents, presentations, analysis of data and presentation. Such practices will have direct impacts in helping develop journalism career since similar practices are required when collecting, collating and presenting data before publishing or broadcast. Indicatively, information technology is a vital strategy that journalists use to reach their audience. The combination of computers, phones and the internet has provided the journalism field with efficient and effective way to disseminate more information to wider audiences. Notably, understanding IT concepts, practices and strategies will greatly help in advancing a career in journalism.
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