Discuss the differences between operationalization and measurement.
In research, it is always important to adopt a theory that offers a guide towards the observations made. The process of research involves a comparison of the actual observations with expectations of reality based on the theories already established about a certain phenomenon. Operationalization entails the process of reducing abstract concepts in to values that demonstrate specifiable operations. This enables comparisons to be made through which judgment can be done on the accuracy of the hypothesis (Wallace, 1971). Therefore, operationalization involves the identification of diverse variables used as indicators of concepts.
Measurement involves the observational aspect of determining the actual value and nature of a phenomenon based on predetermined aspects such as height, length and width. Measurement is important in stressing the observational output of research as various responses describing the results of the findings are made. When undertaking measurement, the researcher tries to make the outcome of the observations made from the population under study. Measurement therefore refers to the observational procedure with systematic symbols being assigned to the certain relations which are conventionally legitimately defined. Measurement therefore involves the determination of values as well as levels of association on attributes compromising variables.