Do teachers deserve to get laid off due to education budget cuts? Teachers should be at the highest priority because without them we would never progress and learn what we need to be successful.
In the 21st century, the opportunities for learning are easily available and accessible everywhere. Unlike in previous years where knowledge and learning was the preserve of schools and libraries, today children have 24/7 access to the same because of the internet. Surprisingly, schools have not adapted and still remain a place where students are simply expected to answer questions and speak up when required to (Merrow, 2011). Advances in technology necessitate new approaches to teaching because children still depend on their teachers to gain knowledge and learn how to read, write and calculate. Not factoring in the influence of technology in children’s lives today when designing teaching approaches for meaningful learning, may result in negative consequences such as bullying as children figure out outlets for their unutilized youthful energy (Merrow, 2011). It is important for schools to invest in approaches that address the effects of technology in children’s lives and effective teachers to employ such practices effectively. Budget cuts limit schools from recruiting effective teachers or implementing effective practices and this is detrimental to children’s learning.

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