Essay on Does Colonization Dehumanize Colonizers?

Although most people believe that colonization affects only the colonizers, it is essential to realize that the savage nature of the act does not favor even the colonizers. The natural form of colonization has it that all men involved are changed into their most primal state. In most cases, the colonizer has to turn tyrant and in the state he loses or rather destroys his freedom because he becomes a posing dummy and a hollow conventional individual (Rubenson 67). The colonizers have to ensure that they remain in a certain ruling condition that must always ‘impress’ the colonized. Since the entire population expects too much of him, he has to wear a mask and ensure that his whole face fits perfectly in it (Phillip 23).
The complex nature of colonization can be explained as a series of discoveries. One discovery comes as an idea that leads to another. For instance, the colonizers moved in search of trade, others were in for discoveries while others wanted to spread Christianity (Downs par.6). The discovery that the world was round prompted the rise of many more travelers in quest for varying interests. The occupants and natives of other parts of the world had to interact with these travelers, gaining from their knowledge or even losing their motherland at the cost of the colonization (Nanni 101).

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