Effect of Computer Science degree on Marine Corps Application Essay

Given the fundamental role played by Marine Corps in national security, Computer Science arises to be an important field in curbing the new challenges that befall the security agency. The verse knowledge acquired from computer science would help address and significantly reduce the manifestation of security challenges in society. Some of the threats that can be combated when right technology is applied include; fighting of cyber crimes, terror combat, and bombings (Libicki, 2007). Therefore, it is with no doubt that Computer Science as a discipline among others and as well integrated with the other disciplines would have benefits on Marine Corp as a career
The Cyberspace Warfare
The problem and threats that are crippling into the computer and their networks are real and knowledge acquired from computer science would help combat the cyber warfare. Cyber warfare refers to intentional hacking of a country or other people’s networks with an aim to espionage. The skills acquired in this course helps future commanders learn the cyber warfare in details and both in theory and practice (Libicki, 2007). The acquired knowledge would go along the way with enriching one with information on standard network security and cyber war; hence individuals finding themselves in a position to fight the menace. Learning the course would also put a Corp in the right position to keep up with the massive and quick changes that occur in the field. Lastly, the advanced cyber skills acquired especially for those who major in cyberspace warfare helps in reducing the attacks and ultimately fighting them.

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