Effects of the Internet Advancements on the Film Industry Essay

What effect has the Internet  and Technological Advancements had on the film industry?
For over the past few years, there have been massive technological advancements across all the sectors of the economy all over the world. The production of films has witnessed a lot of advancement with the software used becoming increasingly complex. Many filmmakers are also using new advanced hardware. With these technological changes the film industry has been the greatest beneficiary more so with the introduction of digital cameras. This paper will mainly discuss some of the events that has led to technological advancement across the globe, and then followed by effects of Internet on the film industry (Bryant. & Zillmann 2002):
Events that have led to Internet advancement
By and large many factors or events are attributed to Internet advancement, which has been witnessed across the globe over the past few years. Early photography is one of these events and was mainly used to capture images using traditional cameras. During this time, filmmakers and photographers took or captured images on the silver oxide and this practice became popular among many people across the world. This technology was widely used for taking images of loved ones so that people could preserve the memories of time spent with family.

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