Email Communication to Sandwich Blitz
 To: Sandwich Blitz’ Middle Management Team
We applaud you for the good work that you are doing in trying to manage the huge amount of clients. We have heard that the employees have become overwhelmed by the ever increasing number of customers. We want to thank you for noting and reporting the increase of customer order errors. We have decided that the matter needs some sense of urgency and the best approach is to adopt an e-customer order system to allow for the customers to input their orders. This would help address the issue of the employees becoming overwhelmed by the increased workplace pace.
We need to implement Kotter’s Eight Steps to Leading Change in order to realize our goals. We understand that a change in technology to the automated customer service will not be easy, but we will be there with you through the whole process. We have a vision of ensuring that there is a decrease in errors while introducing the new automated system. There is need for cross training which implies that the old employees will have to train the new employees. There is also an impending need to decrease the number of errors to at least one error per employee each day. With the new equipment, we anticipate that the monitoring process will be implemented next month.
It is important to know what the employees require and let them ask questions with ease without feeling intimidated. The employees should be praised and rewarded for exemplary performance and a free environment set up to allow them to raise their concerns with ease. We need to work as a team and everyone’s effort is important in understanding what we lack in the firm.
With the automated ordering system operational, we can spot the important things we need to do to boost employees’ morale. We can offer incentives and this will make them feel better and perform better. We feel that showing the employees that we care and this is part of showing it will help to ensure increased productivity.
Each and every one of us is important. We all need to talk to each other and be able to help one another in realizing our organizational goal.
Dalman and Lei
I think e-mail is the perfect channel to send this message. This is because sending of the e-mails to the location managers, makes them aware of the need for change and prepares for the change (Spiro, 2011). It also sends them information that they are the ones to lead the change and that the change will result in positive results, especially reducing errors. E-mail is also perfect because it allows for quick distribution of information over a large group of people (Carroll, 2012). In addition, the information send via the e-mail is specific to the group of workers in the firm, who are the middle level management of Sandwich Blitz, Inc.
There are a number of pitfalls in the scenario. Dalman and Lei have assumed that the cross-training will work for the adoption of the new ordering system. This implies that the old employees will be accorded the opportunity to train the new employees. This might not work well for them because they might lack knowledge on how the automated customer service works. There is also the pitfall of the employees showing resistance for change (Harvey&Broyles, 2010).  This will happen if the employees aren’t trained on the working of the new ordering system. They will see it as a threat to their jobs rather than a solution to their problem of being overwhelmed on the job (Burke, 2010).
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