Choose a major company (one that other students are familiar with). Discuss (don’t just list) one environmental force/trend (one for each of the five environmental force categories discussed in chapter 3). Environmental forces/trends are issues that will impact the company when creating marketing strategy.
Please note that your post must include five (total) examples of environmental forces for the organization you choose.
Please complete your initial posting early and return to the discussion board and respond to 2 peers.
You are expected to actively participate in online discussions with your classmates. Each discussion forum will be open for seven days. Your discussion board posting includes addressing topic/question/activity for the week and responding to two peer postings. Post your initial comments (answer to the question) early in the week and return later in the week to respond to your peers. Please by very thorough in your work and in your responses to peers. Explain your comments. DO NOT REPLY TO YOUR PEERS WITH A SIMPLE ONE SENTENCE OF AGREEMENT. While discussing, be thorough and bring new ideas into the discussion. NOTE: You will lose points in the discussion board postings if you do not follow these guidelines. All of your postings must add value to the discussion board and will be graded accordingly. Do not do all of your postings at the same time at the end of the discussion
five environmental force categories
1. Social
2. Macroeconomic
4. Competitive
5. Regulatory