Environmental Health Justice; Burden Of Disease Essay

Staphylococcus Aureus
Inability to wash clothes, beddings and our bodies in general highly increases the spread and activities of staphylococcus aureus. This is because the bacterium is mainly found on the human skin and the respiratory tract. The excretory mechanisms of the body enable the accumulation of wastes on our skin through processes like sweating. When these wastes accumulate and begin to decompose at the surface of our bodies, staphylococcus aureus develops with resultant effects like respiratory diseases and skin infections. This is as a result of cell surface proteins responsible for inactivating and binding antibodies that relates to the promotion of consequent infections as a result of potent protein toxins (Freeman-Cook, 2005).
Generally, an estimated twenty percent of the entire human population happens to be long term carriers of the disease. Signs and symptoms exist in the anterior nares of the nasal passages and in the normal skin flora. Research in Australia has proved that this bacterium is also responsible for a variety of infections that include abscesses; scalded skin syndrome, cellulitis folliculitis and carbuncles that may lead to life threatening diseases like sepsis, bacteremia, toxic shock syndrome, endocarditis, pneumonia osteomyelitis, and meningitis altogether (Reference?). It is important to note that S. aureus is a causative agent of many consequent infections though in selected cases it depicts commensally. Its presence does not depict immediately and may take time in the perspective of weeks, hours and months (Hiramatsu, 2004).
At times, when the mucosal and skin barriers have been breached, the infections may spread in a skin to skin contact phenomenon through the production of hyaluronidase. This is mainly through sharing of items like sheets, towels clothing and athletic equipment with infected persons. In some cases some S. aureus infections might be deeply penetrating and thereby result to sever and chronic consequences. Altogether, this condition calls for frequent baths and washing of garments. It is also important for one to maintain privacy by minimizing chances of garment sharing or personal contact with many people. Such kind of endeavors will highly discourage the spread and accumulation of this bacteria altogether. In most cases, patient suffering form staph infections might fail to realize it for quite some time since it depicts mild symptoms. Nonetheless, an exposure, say from a cut might result into nausea and achy aspects endorsed by fever once the bacteria links with the blood. Such cases are treated with strong antibiotics like vancomycin which remedies the situation. The effects are deadly ranging within a high fevers, uncontrollable shaking and aspects of delirium characterized by unending pain (Hiramatsu, 2004).

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