Environmental Issues Essay:
The current major environmental issues which have threatened humanity and life on earth include global warming, climate change, pollution, deforestation, ocean acidification, and shrinking of wetlands (Beckrich, 2011). According to Chalecki(2013), most of these environmental issues are closely related and have to do with the inability of care for biodiversity. Climate change which is being experienced in many parts of the world can be associated with global warming which is caused by emission of certain human-made gases. This underlines the need for individual, corporate, and state reforms for the reversal of the destructive trend.
The policies which have been put in place to contain these environmental issues have been insufficient at addressing the problem at hand despite the initial promise. According to Beckrich (2011), globalization implies increased incidence of environmental issues with different countries sharing the responsibility to protect the environment. Unfortunately, the current policies have not been binding given that some countries have continued to pollute in great magnitudes. The Kyoto Protocol, for instance, was supposed to commit countries to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming and climate change. However, due to its non-binding nature, it has failed to convince heavy emitters such as China to change their ways.
Climate change is affecting me on a personal level because some of the daily aspects which depend on the weather such as food production are hampered. The prolonged drought in California, one of United States’ largest food baskets, has been reflected in the price increases in the grocery stores. Prior to this assignment, I thought that the climate change was only felt in the adversely dry places of Asia and Africaas well as the arctic regions.However, the assignment has proved that this is a worldwide phenomenon with different areas experiencing unexpected weather patterns. This has reinforced my belief in the need for environmental reform across all societal levels and the creation of more binding and stringent global and domestic environmental policies (Chalecki, 2013).
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