Sample Essay on Culture, Attitudes and Ethics in International Business

            Culture and all the expectations people have within cultures do have an effect on all business transactions. It is essential for an American franchise business to understand the expectations of their supposed international markets. Failure to master the basic cultural elements would be tragic for the business (Rugman & Hodgetts, 2003).
Culture is a key factor affecting business ethics. It is of profound importance that a company studies the numerous societal norms and intricacies that are in play in international business before it commits to international expansion. Among the issues that involve social behavior in reference to employees that ought to be taken into consideration before an international expansion include, and but not limited to ; attitudes towards women, , work ethics and attitudes, religious influences ,values, social etiquette and manners, and ethical standards.
It is generally agreed that the ethical behaviors of a company’s managers are directly related to that country’s culture. The said behavior is seen in how they make public and corporate statements on ethics and their ethical values and attitudes.

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