Communication Theory

First, Think of yourself as a researcher, using the following theory, explain this specific concept.
Second: relate this concept to a recent scandal that is online or in the media, answering the following questions.
• How does the concept from relate to scandal?
• What do you think was the main cause or contributing factors that led to the scandal?
• What methods of inquiry did you use to come to conclusions?
• What did you believe and why?
• How did technology play a part in this scandal as well?
Third: Choose 2 research methods and relate them to how to research the scandal you discussed and why you chose those two methods.
Fourth: How do we create and receive effective communication in these technological forms. How do we personally filter on a daily basis ?

Sample Communication Theory Application Essay

The Rules Approach in Communication
Communication between human beings is based on quite a number of factors one of which is rules. The rule approach is featured in quite a number of communication theories. The rules that are used in communication are dependent on the context of communication. This may be the setting, the parties involved, and the relationship between the parties among other factors. According to communication theories, rules are meant to govern people and guide them on their behavior during communication situations. Rules during communication may either be generative or imposed rules depending on the setting of the communication situation (Shimanoff, 1980). Generative rules are those that the parties come up with during the communication process and vary wit the type of communication context. Imposed rules on the other hand are those that are set beforehand by the society, the community or the group that is involved in the communication situation.
Recent Scandal
Currently, most scandals in the world revolve around the political field. These scandals range from the personal lives of the politicians involved to their line of duty. Recently, there has been a scandal revolving around one Peter Domenici who was a former senator. The man was a former senator hence he was already in the limelight. He admitted to have fathered a child outside wedlock and had kept the child a secret for thirty years. His reason for this was that the mother of the child had requested him to do so. The mother to the child felt that it was important for the child to be kept a secret due to the fact that her father was also a senator at that time and this would bring a huge wave of discomfort between the two political figures. The scandal attracted a lot of attention from the public as well as the media and different opinions from different parties.

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