Sample paper on: Challenges Faced by Military Families Research Essay Paper

The biggest challenge in military families is the fact that the family lacks the opportunity to spend enough time together. This is even worse when both parents are in the military and children have to grow up under the supervision of another person. There are high chances that the guardians of these children will not provide the care and support that the parents would give them. Such a family can be defined as a broken one since they do not get the opportunity to grow up together and build up a solid unit. This has an effect on all members of the family which is mostly manifested psychologically.
Effect of Deployment and Homecoming of Parents on Children
Children whose parent or parents have been deployed also face quite a number of challenges growing up with little or no parental guidance. They do not grow up understanding the joy of being raised by both parents. Those who are raised by a single parent end up being closer to the parent who is with them as compared to the deployed parent. Other than that, these children are subjected to constant change in environment due to constant movement by either of the parents or both of them. This means that they have to adapt to constant changes in schools, friends and neighbours. They also have to learn not to get attached to people or places around them since they are not assured of permanence.

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