Cold War Impact on American Lives

Dow Did the Cold War Affect American Economy , society and culture give at least two examples?

 The Cold War impacted every aspect of American life. Discuss the domestic implications of the Cold War. Explain how the Cold War affected higher education, the economy, immigration policy, civil rights, and civil liberties.

Essay on Effects of the Cold War on American Society, Culture, and Economy:

Although most individuals have provided their perspectives on the impacts of the cold war to the Americans, it is essential to realize that the war touched on almost all aspects of American cultural and social life. The cold war raised controversies on technological inventions and innovations. For instance, the war raised a lot of changes in the communist menace, where it caused the introduction of the national defense education act and other impacts such as mistrust among liberal government and the conservatives. However, it is necessary to realize that the war did not only bring about negative impacts but also raised some positive contributions. The urgent need for communication and weaponry systems led to the emphasis on sciences and mathematics hence a shift of attention towards chemistry and physics oriented subjects in most institutions.

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