Essay On Ericson’s benefits from Amazon Web Services- Sample Research Paper

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is great for a company such as Ericsson because it is considered a self-service environment that can be accessed at all times. Ericson receives numerous benefits from AWS. For instance, AWS requires no long-term subscription for complete access and is relative cheap. The AWS is an affordable alternative for Ericson because of the Amazon’s global infrastructure. This infrastructure offers an allowance for the company to make fast adaptations in a marketplace that is ever-changing.
Ericsson has in the recent past benefited from the services provided by Amazon in terms of cost reduction, remote access control, on-demand availability and automated software update. The use of Amazon infrastructure has made Ericsson to have large cost savings (AWS Case Study: Ericson, 2011). This is brought about by their ability to deploy new that they could easily access from one central point in the cloud. The use of automated software from the AWS also had an impact on cost savings to Ericsson since they were able to scale up and down with the change in demand.

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