Essay on Human Resources Issues and Challenges in Multinational Corporations Management

Introduction: Human resource Concerns- HR issues in MNC
Human resources refer to the part of human capital or workforce that constitutes an economy or an organization (Armstrong, 2003). In any given country, there are issues that can be seen to be of concern individuals in an economy. Some of the specific human resources concerns that we are going to look at include; competencies, labor economics, legal and regulatory systems, labor relations and unionization and cultural norms. These concerns have a tremendous effect on any given economy of a country. The text shall implore in greater depth the human resources concerns in US and how they are likely to impact on Multi National Corporations’ success.
There are key competencies that are useful to any given organization or Human Resource manager. The various competencies help in defining and successfully hiring the best and appropriate personnel for the job. An organization would want professionals who are credibly activists. These individuals can be admired listened to and respected. At the same time, their activeness is seen in their ability to take up positions and to challenge assumptions as well as the status quo. The other competency is an individual who portrays work culture and steward of change(Huselid, 1995). These professionals always appreciate, understand and help in shaping up the company’s culture.

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